John Kerry confronted on climate hypocrisy at WEF

Kerry called the question 'stupid' and refused to elaborate on why elites like him are allowed to have large carbon footprints, but 'regular citizens' must be cautious.

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John Kerry is an American lifelong politician who is currently serving as the "United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate".

Kerry has been a regular attendee of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and plenty of other similar global conferences that allege to be concerned with carbon footprints and climate change.

So, when I spotted Kerry walking the streets of Davos, I had to ask him if his presence at the WEF was contradictory to his various stances on global emissions. After all, Kerry has one of the largest carbon footprints of all people in the world.

I asked Kerry, "What's the carbon footprint of these events every single year that you come here?"

Kerry responded to my question simply by saying, "That's a stupid question."

And that's the problem that we see with many of the elites at the WEF conference.

They consistently have a belief of "rules for thee, and not for me." This is the same attitude the world saw during the pandemic when politicians told their citizens to lockdown while they went to the beach, had illegal parties, or had secret affairs.

This is not the first time Rebel News has seen Kerry at the WEF conference in Davos. Last year, Ezra Levant and Callum Smiles were able to question Kerry as well: 

Rebel News is at the conference in Davos to challenge the global elites and their hypocrisy, to ask questions that the mainstream media seemingly refuse to ask. If you think that's important, please help offset the costs of our independent journalism by donating to support our work at

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