Join us for an in-person screening of Rebel News' latest hit documentary 'Trucker Rebellion: Trudeau on Trial'

Join us at Church in the Vine in Edmonton, AB on March 8.

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The movie, made by our incredibly talented head of documentary filmmaking, Kian Simone who uses testimonies, documents and interviews with lawyers and witnesses at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) to show you the truth about Trudeau's decision to use martial law on peaceful anti-mandate protesters in Ottawa in February 2022.

The POEC, headed by Justice Paul Rouleau, was tasked with determining if Trudeau was justified in calling the bouncy castles, street parties, and traffic congestion of last year's weeks-long Freedom Convoy a national security crisis which required the suspension of civil liberties and the warrantless seizures of bank accounts.

Rouleau ruled in favour of Trudeau, but after you see the documentary for yourself, you'll know: The fix was in from the beginning.

Join us at Church in the Vine in Edmonton on March 8.

Tickets are available at !

Don't hesitate, the first two shows SOLD OUT! We also have a special Q&A planned after the movie with the filmmaker and the trucker lawyers, Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk.

See you there!

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LIVE SCREENING | Trucker Rebellion: Trudeau on Trial

Join Rebel News Editor-in-Chief Sheila Gunn Reid, Filmmaker Kian Simone, Trucker Lawyers Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk, and special guest Tamara Lich, on March 8th in Edmonton, AB!


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