Jonathan Yaniv faces judge, plays up hip pain — and blames money woes on car accident

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Well, today marks the second time in one week where I’m standing in front of the Surrey Provincial Courthouse in British Columbia.

Both times have been to give you an update on how the criminal behaviour of Jonathan Yaniv (who also goes by the names Jessica Yaniv and Jessica Simpson) is being handled by the courts.

Yaniv in court twice in a week

A few days ago I reported how Yaniv got off easy for being a danger to society, only to walk of this courthouse to immediately break one of the simple conditions to his probation (keep the peace and be on good behaviour).

I guess if you're Yaniv, threatening to run over a disabled online reporter is as peaceful as it gets.

Today was an appearance regarding an incident in which Yaniv charged my colleague Keean Bexte like a bull seeing red, and then pummeled him in the head. All because Keean was asking questions from a more than reasonable distance.

With two bodyguards by my side, I tried to ask Yaniv if we can hope for any type of justice today regarding the vicious, unwarranted attack on Keean. 

Then, I was questioned by a friendly officer.

At that point a sheriff, who wasn’t as kind as the officer, told me to stop filming in front of the courthouse. Watch the whole video and see for yourself. 

In the past the sheriffs at the courthouse wouldn’t even let Keean enter the building after Yaniv had lied and accused Keean of recording inside the courthouse. While inside courtroom 102, Judge Sidhu, who happened to be the same judge that ruled on Yaniv’s weapons charge earlier this week, called forward the matter.

Courtroom is Yaniv's natural habitat

Just like last time, Yaniv made sure those in the room were aware that his hips were allegedly in great pain. Except this time he stood with a hand on both hips.

He said that due to the costs of a recent car accident, he had to let go his counsel and needs more time to find a replacement. Yaniv’s request was granted. Judge Sidhu set a new court appearance scheduled for Wednesday, October 21.

It’s no surprise, since Yaniv’s natural habitat is the court system, that we will back here again. And again, I'm sure. We'll see if justice will ever materialize regarding the acts of Yaniv.

Reporting on Yaniv is both time consuming and costly; yet, it is well worth it. If Rebel doesn’t continue to shine the light on the violent and calculated acts of Yaniv, it makes it far more likely that Yaniv will keep getting away with hurting people.

Please visit to help support our legal battle with Yaniv.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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