Jonathan Yaniv is now suing salon waxers for damages after losing 2019 Human Rights case

Jonathan Yaniv is now suing salon waxers for damages after losing 2019 Human Rights case
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Serial litigator Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is back in court, now suing the very salon workers he lost a BC Human Rights Tribunal case to in 2019.

Yaniv is demanding a claim total of $11,940 from Sandeep Benipal, Sukhdip Hehar, and Marcia DeSilva – aestheticians who Yaniv had previously taken to the BCHRT claiming “discrimination” after they declined to provide scrotum-waxing services to him on various grounds.

The aestheticians declined the services due to cultural and faith-based customs prohibiting male-female contact, or, in the case of the then-pregnant DeSilva, safety grounds, after Yaniv repeatedly harassed her and her husband.

Yaniv lost the BCHRT claim in 2019, with the Tribunal calling Yaniv’s behavior “calculating,” while commenting on Yaniv’s “racial animus” towards immigrant women, especially those of South Asian heritage.

As a result of Yaniv’s “improper conduct” during the proceedings, the Tribunal went so far as to award the three women $2,000 each. Liens were subsequently placed on Yaniv’s property pending the payment of the salon workers.

According to newly filed documents, Yaniv is now suing the same salon workers in civil court, demanding they return the $6,000 they were awarded, an additional $5,800 in damages resulting from “harassment,” and even the interest he was required to pay on the outstanding lien.

The documents also show Yaniv’s court filing fees were waived due to low-income status.

In addition to suing the aestheticians, Yaniv is suing the township of Langley, British Columbia for $35,000. Yaniv is claiming the Langley RCMP “mishandled” him while he was being arrested in August of 2019 for brandishing a prohibited weapon on a YouTube livestream.

Yaniv is claiming “discrimination” once again, accusing the RCMP’s arresting officer of various misdeeds from threatening to deny him medication to having juice withheld while in detention.

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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