Journalist roasted as The Australian pushes left-wing agenda against Trump Jr's visit

Troy Bramston's article protesting Donald Trump Jr's upcoming visit to Australia receives backlash and sparks debate on free speech.

Journalist roasted as The Australian pushes left-wing agenda against Trump Jr's visit
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Senior writer and columnist with The Australian, Troy Bramston, faced a wave of criticism and online roasting after he penned a column protesting the upcoming visit of Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump.

The mainstream right-leaning publication found itself in the middle of controversy as its readers rejected Bramston's article, questioning the publication's commitment to free speech.

In his column, Bramston argued against granting Trump Jr a visa to enter Australia, citing multiple character test requirements under the Migration Act that he believed the former president's son failed to meet.

Bramston labelled Trump Jr as an anti-democrat, conspiracy theorist, and leader of an organisation found guilty of "tax fraud and document falsification".

However, readers and social media users swiftly responded, asserting that Bramston's views amounted to denying freedom of speech and de-platforming someone with controversial opinions.

Many argued that Bramston's article demonstrated the publication's shift toward left-wing talking points regarding the Trump family.

The Australian's readers, known for their right-leaning perspectives, questioned the integrity of the publication and its commitment to impartial views.

The comments section of the article showcased the heated opinions of readers opposed to Bramston's views. One user emphasised the importance of Trump Jr's visit as a means to counter what they perceived as left-wing cancellation and the suppression of differing opinions.

Others expressed disappointment in Bramston's viewpoint, defending the right to express diverse perspectives.

Despite the criticism, some readers voiced support for Bramston's article, acknowledging his entitlement to his opinion while simultaneously expressing their disagreement.

In the face of the controversy, Trump Jr's promotional tour in Australia, featuring special guests Nigel Farage and Senator Alex Antic, is set to as planned in Sydney on July 9.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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