July visit to U of T makes us wonder: what's the etiquette when it comes to flags and Pride?

Despite an ostensible commitment to 'inclusivity', the University of Toronto campus is severely lacking in a flag that unites us all — the Canadian flag.

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Something that is immediately noticeable when one visits the University of Toronto is the type of flags flown, and for that matter, the type of flags not flown.

Until last Wednesday at the filthy tent city situated on the lawns of King’s College Circle, there were literally dozens of Palestinian flags flying. For months. But not a single Maple Leaf though. One might think they were actually in Gaza, yet the Ontario legislature is less than a kilometre away.

Then again, when it comes to the Hobos for Hamas, their hearts are filled with rage for many things: Israel, Jews, and even Canada (even though, presumably, most of the unhappy campers are Canadians).

But Little Gaza’s Hitler Youth Movement folded like a cheap tent last Wednesday after being threatened with trespassing charges. Members of the Toronto Police Service were on standby at the parking lot of nearby Queen’s Park, ready to “whack ‘em and stack ‘em”, as the saying goes, if the Hobos for Hamas remained on the lawns of King’s College Circle past the 6 p.m. deadline.

The show of force worked wonders, and these so-called “martyrs” quickly vamoosed.

Those garish Palestinian flags left with them, but over at Hart House, we noticed that a huge “Pride Progress” flag was on display (alas, not the latest version with the purple circle… golly, is the U of T intersex-phobic?!)

But Pride Month concluded at the end of June. Why is this flag still on display in July?

And get this: in addition to Hart House, there are several U of T buildings that are situated along King’s College Circle. And we even spotted a barren flagpole. But just like Little Gaza, U of T isn’t keen on flying the Maple Leaf either.

Why would that be? Is the flag of our great Dominion too… imperialist, too colonialist in the eyes of the weak woke administrators at the U of T?

How odd: surely the ostensible policy reason for flying the Pride flag — even past its best-before date — is all due to “inclusivity” (even though it only represents a tiny percentage of people.) The Canadian flag, on the other hand, is inclusive of ALL Canadians. Yet the U of T considers the Maple Leaf to be…unworthy?

Bottom line: U of T won’t fly the Canadian flag, but this august institution has absolutely no problem whatsoever when it comes to accepting Canadian tax dollars.

Funny that…

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  • By David Menzies


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