Justin Trudeau ‘is not eligible to talk on freedom and democracy’: Toronto Freedom condemns PM’s trip abroad

‘[Justin Trudeau] is a shill, he’s not Canada first… It’s just about us gathering together, just really making a statement, that we really don’t approve of what he’s doing.’

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This past weekend marks the two year anniversary of the first COVID lockdowns back in March, 2020, where they promised it’ll only be “two weeks.” Toronto’s freedom crowd continues their demonstration throughout the province’s capital against all COVID and vaccine restrictions left in Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau meanwhile left last week for an European NATO trip undeterred by domestic issues revolving around his discrimination policies to speak on his fight against “disinformation and misinformation” both around the world and in Canada.

As I walked to Queen's Park North where the weekly freedom rally takes place every Saturday, 12 pm ET, I can confirm that the Toronto police’s blockade of the downtown has come to an end. For a month, every weekend, city buses, dump trucks, and cop cars/SUVs would surround three blocks around the legislature. They claimed this was done to prevent protesters and their convoys from entering the downtown core, despite this challenge, thousands came out throughout the month.

I wanted to ask the freedom protesters what they thought about our dear leader leaving the country on a trip abroad in spite of medical segregation policies from his government impacting the lives of millions of Canadians. Does it make sense, should he focus more on the domestic mess he’s left, and what they thought of his constant ramblings to fight disinformation and misinformation.

The crowd had a lot to say:

“I think that our Prime Minister needs to worry a little less about what’s going on overseas and more on what’s going on here.”

See all of our stories from the convoy, and as it continues throughout America’s capital, with our special correspondent, Jeremy Loffredo, embedded inside at ConvoyReports.com. At that same page, chip in towards our travel costs to continue bringing you the other side which you won’t get from the state and corporate media.

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