Justin Trudeau says 2023 is the year Rebel News must die.

Trudeau is coming to kill Rebel News in 2023. Will you help us survive?

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Justin Trudeau has tried to kill Rebel News every year and so far, he's failed. But he’s getting smarter about it.

I think this time he might actually do it this time. 

Back in 2019, Trudeau banned Rebel News reporters from attending the election debates. We went to the Federal Court and a judge ordered Trudeau to let us in. (He hated that.)

In 2020, Trudeau had Elections Canada officers interrogate me about my book, The Libranos, which exposed Trudeau’s corruption. They fined me thousands of dollars and claimed my book was illegal. (I refuse to pay — we're appealing that ruling in court right now).

In 2021, Trudeau banned our reporters from the election debates again. And for a second time, the Federal Court overruled him. (That made him so angry.)

In 2022, Rebel News had the most-watched coverage in Canada of the trucker convoy. So Trudeau’s personal bodyguards roughed up our reporters Drea Humphrey and David Menzies and his police literally SHOT our reporter Alexa Lavoie. (We’re suing them in court.)

Trudeau did all of that and more to us, and yet Rebel News is still not dead. In fact, 2022 was our largest year by every measure.

Despite Trudeau's efforts, 2022 was our biggest year. 

I made a video summarizing the highlights of our amazing year.

In 2022...

* Rebel News deployed the most reporters ever;
* we published the most news stories ever; and
* those stories were seen by the most viewers ever.

And Justin Trudeau can’t stand that. So 2023 is the year he’s coming to kill us.

Bill C-11, the "Online Streaming Act."

Don’t just take my word for it. It’s right there in Trudeau's new law, C-11, the “Online Streaming Act.”

Trudeau already owns the government journalists at the CBC. And with his media bailouts, he rents 99% of the rest of journalists. He controls what they say. So he just seethes when he looks at Rebel News, one of the last independent news companies in Canada. Which is why he sneaked section 9.1(1)(e) into the law.

When the Online Streaming Act becomes law in a few months, section 9.1(1)(e) will give Trudeau the power to order Internet companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to promote or hide whatever news sources he likes.

He can order them to promote the CBC and the Toronto Star, and to make it impossible to find Rebel News. Here’s the wording of the law. Trudeau can, "make orders… respecting the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public, including the showcasing and the discoverability of Canadian programs and programming services.”

Let me translate: Trudeau doesn’t have to ban Rebel News anymore. He can just order the big Internet companies to make us disappear. I’ve heard several journalists call this the “Kill Rebel Law” because it so clearly targets us.

But I’ve got news for Trudeau: we will not lay down and die.

As you know, we fight like hell when Trudeau tries to censor us. And we often win — we’ve beat him twice before in Federal Court. 

But what if Trudeau actually succeeded?

Imagine no Rebel News. Imagine silencing me, Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies, Alexa Lavoie, Drea Humphrey and the dozen other reporters we have.

Imagine if we hadn’t been around this past year — if we didn't have reporters embedded with the trucker convoy in Ottawa and Coutts, Alberta. Imagine if we didn’t have Rebel News telling the stories of hundreds of ordinary Canadians, small businesses and churches who fought back against the lockdowns, with lawyers crowdfunded by Rebel News viewers.

Imagine if Trudeau got his way and we were just vaporized.

We cannot let that happen. But Trudeau is planning to do exactly that.

Will you help us survive?

We’ve already hired a top legal team to fight the Online Streaming Act the day it becomes law. They’ve been studying the bill and finding its flaws (we believe it violates our freedom of the press).

The problem is, we really don’t have many allies left — they’ve been coopted. The Canadian Association of Journalists loves Trudeau’s new scheme. They only care about bail-outs. Even so-called conservative newspapers like Postmedia are silent on the matter, because that company is actually the biggest recipient of Trudeau’s money in Canada.

There are a few other independent websites in Canada, like True North and Western Standard, but for whatever reason, they haven’t been targeted in the same way Rebel News has. I think Trudeau simply has a personal vendetta against us, because we fight so hard.

We really are alone — except we’ve got you.

Can you please consider a special gift to ensure we can live on to fight the good fight in 2023? We’ve fought Trudeau before and won and I think we can beat him again. But we can’t do this alone.

Please make a donation on this page to help us fight back against Trudeau’s censorship bill.

Because in truth, Trudeau isn’t really coming for us. He’s coming for you. We’re just standing in his way.

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