Kamloops school trustee candidate running to end sexual indoctrination in schools calls out media for 'manipulation of words'

Despite such explicit books in schools raising concerns about the potential for them to be used as tools for child grooming, Rowse says 'the leftist woke mob is coming' for her.

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The city of Kamloops, British Columbia has 11 people running to become one of District 73’s school trustees this October. Jennifer Rowse, a mother of two boys, one of whom is autistic, is one of the 11 hopefuls running, and has been making headlines for her hard stance against what she refers to as the sexual indoctrination of kids in school.

Traditionally, such a vision for a school board wouldn’t be too controversial. But in a country where terms like “inclusiveness” and “sexual education” are used to justify a biologically male shop teacher strapping on gigantic fake breasts with protruding nipples daily, and kindergartners being sent home with masturbation assignments, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that it is.

Rowse first became concerned about gender ideology sexually indoctrinating kids in school after she learned that Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) 1 2 3 curriculum, which promotes gender fluidity, wasn’t something that she could opt her child out of, even though he has special needs.

“I believe in full transparency… I believe in the right to opt in or opt out,” Rowse told Rebel News when asked why she is running. In addition to opposing SOGI 1 2 3 in schools, Rowse is also against sexually explicit books that are currently being normalized in schools. My take is that she is not alone in her stances, as more and more school trustee candidates, including three from Vancouver, are popping up in provinces with municipal elections this fall to oppose the same thing.

Despite such books in schools raising concerns about the potential for them to be used as tools for child grooming, Rowse says “the leftist woke mob is coming” for her. Things got especially heated for Rowse after a local news outlet called Kamloops This Week reported on her.

Rowse believes several things stated in the outlet’s article, titled “Kamloops school trustee candidate wants to ban books, believes Satan created other gender,” are being taken out of context.

“They’re kinda putting words into my mouth,” said Rowse, when I sat down to interview her. Rouse listed the example of the article claiming she wants books to be banned, rather than explaining she just doesn’t want them inside of public schools.

When asked if she believes that Satan created all genders outside of man and woman, Rowse explained that while she does believe that God doesn’t make mistakes, she does not believe Satan made other genders. The post the article referenced from her Facebook was something she shared, rather than her own words.

It should be noted that since we interviewed Rowse to bring you this report, Kamloops This Week published an opinion letter from a resident who wrote to explain why she supports Rowse as a school trustee candidate.

Click on the video report to hear more of Rowse’s story. To catch up on more municipal candidates, or to make a donation to help us afford to keep bringing you these reports, please go to BCLeadershipReports.com.

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