Katie Hopkins tells NSW government to 'stick it up their arse' after Covid fine dropped

British political commentator, Katie Hopkins, expressed her disdain towards the NSW government after they dropped a fine for her failure to wear a mask in Australia.

Katie Hopkins tells NSW government to 'stick it up their arse' after Covid fine dropped
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British political commentator Katie Hopkins has told the NSW government to “stick it up your arse” after they advised her that a fine for failure to wear a mask when she was in Australia had been dropped.

Hopkins was fined $1000 last July for not wearing a mask when she was in Australia to appear on the Seven Network’s Big Brother program.

The 46-year-old broadcaster was deported before she could appear on the reality TV show after she boasted about an elaborate plan to breach hotel quarantine.

In a video broadcast from her hotel room, she described Covid-19 lockdowns as “the greatest hoax in history” and joked that she would find a way to get around Australia’s strict quarantine regulations.

The broadcast incensed authorities who issued her with a $1000 fine for not wearing a mask, and swiftly put her on a plane back to England.

At the time, the then New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, slammed Hopkins, saying “I was shocked to see that lady – who fortuitously I’ve never heard of before and I hope to never hear of again. To think she could think that the measures we are taking to keep our community safe can be treated with such juvenile, imbecilic behaviour is just mind-boggling.

“To think that she could put our teams in our health quarantine, our staff … to think that she thinks it is acceptable to put them at risk and to put our broader community at risk is completely abhorrent.”

But this week Hopkins posted on Instagram a copy of an email she says she received from NSW Revenue advising that the fine had been dropped.

The email, headed “Covid-19 Fine Review”, said:

“Dear Katie, we are writing to you in relation to your Covid-19 fine 412293366. A decision has been made to withdraw all fines issued for Fail to comply with noticed direction in relation to section 7/8/9 – Covid-19 – Individual - $1000. As such Fine 412293366 and Overdue Fine 412293366 have been withdrawn. This means your fine has been finalised and you no longer need to take any action.”

Hopkins replied on Instagram to the notification, saying:

“Dear Revenue NSW, as I told you before, you can stick your bullsh*t fines up your arse. And you can stick your email cancelling my bullsh*t fines up your ass as well.”


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  • By Avi Yemini

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