Kenney appoints ex-Notley minister to key post, but plans US talks on oil exports


Via an Order-in-Council, Alberta's UCP government just appointed former NDP lieutenant Margaret McCuaig-Boyd to the board of a prominent Crown corporation, the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Alberta’s UCP Premier Jason Kenney told me to expect more bipartisan appointments like that in the future, while taking questions after his “State of the Province” address to Edmonton business leaders today.

Kenney also spoke at length about his budgetary plans, along with the growing anger and frustration directed at Ottawa, but fell short of acknowledging the separatist “elephant” in the province.

Following Kenney's media appearance, disgraced former-NDP Minister Deron Bilous took questions. Bilous called out the Kenney government for alleged tax increases that the UCP didn’t campaign on. When I asked Bilous to explain the carbon tax that the Notley government didn't campaign on either (but nevertheless implemented), he fell short of a cohesive answer.

Bilous also confirmed that he broke party solidarity during October’s federal election, revealing that he didn't vote for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

We've covered Deron Bilous before — he was a Notley cabinet minister who allegedly refused to pay spousal support, had an affair with a fellow staffer and was addicted to drugs. You can read more about that at