Kian Simone: 'This country was built on the foundation of God and Christian morals'

Chief Documentary Filmmaker Kian Simone joins The Gunn Show to discuss the progress of the documentary, 'Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity,' and why it had to be made.

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Our documentary is called "Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity," and it goes into detail about the attacks on the brave pastors who resisted the lockdowns on places of worship.

"And they paid the price for that moral stand for religious freedom," said Sheila. "Some went to jail. Some had their church buildings seized. Others faced both consequences."

Kian Simone, Chief documentary filmmaker joined Sheila to discuss the work going into this documentary. Kian and Sheila gathered interviews and travelled across the country to create a movie that the government didn't want to be made. 

Kian said:

I'm not even really Christian, but I understand and I know that this country was built on the foundation of God and Christian morals and Christian ethics.

And, you know, I follow those, even though I'm not Christian and I want this documentary to be something that someone like me who's 24 or maybe they're 20, maybe they're 35, who isn't Christian can watch this and say, 'Oh, crap, you know, if they're going for these people, you know, I know I'm next.'

They are the people who built this country so long ago, like that kind of that religion. So it's just extremely important that we at least protect that even as non-Christian, so that it's extremely important.

Please visit to donate and to see what we have done so far.

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