Kris Sims: 'This is just a massive tax grab and it does not help the environment'

Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joined The Gunn Show to talk about the Budget and carbon tax.

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"Canadians are being battered by bad government," said Sheila Gunn Reid.

Sheila was joined by Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation (CTF), and they both discussed the Budget, the carbon tax, and the federal government.

"It doesn't make sense because they're not telling the truth," said Sims. "They're just straight up not telling you the truth."

She continued:

So, number one, it defies common sense to think that we could give the government money and have them give us more back without us paying for it. The government does not have magical money, trees or sources of income. Okay, this is not an investment.

Number two, the parliamentary budget officer, which is an arm's length in depend auditor, basically all they do is go through the books and go through the numbers.

Has said now in two reports, Sheila, that that's not true, that you pay more than you get back even with the rebates.

"The carbon tax also jumped on April 1 - the jokes on us - to $65/tonne of C02, like anyone knows what a tonne of invisible undeliverable to no one even is. But you're paying for it," said Sheila.

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