Lawyer breaks down concerns with B.C. health authorities' decision to prevent unvaxxed doctors from saving lives in understaffed hospitals

According to Turner, judges across Canada have referred to a doctor losing their privileges as experiencing 'a professional death sentence.'

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In today’s report, I sit down and interview a sharp lawyer by the name of Lee Turner, who explains in detail the bureaucratic battle that unvaccinated doctors in British Columbia are enduring in an effort to preserve their hospital privileges and ultimately their licence to practice.

With the help of your generous donations here, Turner, a Kelowna-based lawyer from Doak Shirreff Lawyers LLP, has been hired by the Canadian charity The Democracy Fund to represent a well-loved, unvaccinated pediatrician named Dr. Chris McCollister.

As previously reported by Rebel News, in addition to being forbidden from saving lives in hospitals by a public health order, Dr. McCollister’s Health Authourity, Vancouver Island Health, their Medical Advisory Committee, and their Board of Directors, worked together to cancel his hospital privileges and Medical Staff Appointment. 

Although they recognize that they have the legal obligation to respect the doctor's choice around the doctor's medical treatment, Turner told Rebel News that Island Health’s collaborative decision to cancel privileges is one of the harshest punishments a physician can receive.

According to Turner, judges across Canada have referred to a doctor losing their privileges as experiencing “a professional death sentence” making the legal fight to get McCollister’s privileges back and set a precedent for other unjabbed B.C. doctors facing the same treatment all that more important.  

If B.C. health authorities' willingness to toss excellent, healthy, unvaccinated physicians aside when the province's understaffed health-care system is falling apart isn’t mind-boggling enough, watch the full video report to hear Turner explain why doctors like McCollister will likely lose their licenses next if we don’t win this fight.

Also, he explains how the hierarchy of decision-making for anyone who would like to challenge the Health Auhorities' decision to cancel unjabbed physicians' hospital privileges is almost tied directly to the province's minister of health, Adrienne Dix, who worked closely with B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry regarding B.C.’s coercive vaccine mandates.

If you are as disgusted as I am by how far these political health officials, and those they have appointed, have allowed B.C.’s health-care system to fall, donate what you can at to ensure the ongoing legal costs for Dr. McCollister’s appeal are covered. You can also go to to send a direct email to all who are in a position of power to make the punishing of vaccine-free physicians come to an end.

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