Left-wing commentator loses it on Twitter after being called out for shocking tweets

Crikey reporter Cam Wilson has been called out for making crude jokes on social media about the Titanic wreckage expedition victims.

Left-wing commentator loses it on Twitter after being called out for shocking tweets
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A left-wing Australian commentator facing backlash after making insensitive tweets about the men who perished during a trip to explore the Titanic wreckage has bizarrely responded on social media. 

The crew, consisting of British billionaire Hamish Harding, OceanGate Inc CEO Stockton Rush, French mariner Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Sulaiman, embarked on the Titan submersible for their expedition on Sunday.

Tragically, less than two hours into the descent to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, contact was lost between the mothership and the approximately six-meter truck-sized craft.

Amid the sorrow and desperate prayers for a miracle, Cameron Wilson, 'Associate Editor' of Crikey, made a crude joke about the situation on Twitter.

Referring to the hypothetical scenario of being trapped in the doomed submarine, Wilson wrote:

"If you were stuck in this doomed, loss [sic] submarine, what would you do for your last 48 hours of oxygen."

Hours later, he responded to his own comment, adding:

"A lot of you said jacking off. The question I put to you is: What's stopping you now?"

Wilson's insensitivity continued when he posted:

"Gotta say, boarding a submarine for 250K only to die from suffocation in the depths of the oceans 96 hours later is NOT very padam padam."

The following morning, he further crossed the line by claiming to know the location of the missing vessel, stating:

"I know the location of the oceangate submarine but I'm not saying because someone on board was mean to me."

Social media users swiftly condemned Wilson's callous remarks. Many criticised the lack of respect and empathy displayed by the commentator, given the ongoing and distressing situation.

One user expressed relief that the missing crew couldn't read such heartless tweets. Another pointed out the discrepancy between Wilson's behaviour and Crikey's recent apology for an opinion piece containing factual errors and an inappropriate tone.

Following the publication of Wilson's controversial tweets by Daily Mail Australia and Sky News, he responded by labelling Sky News a "racism factory" and changing his Twitter name to "did sky news run out of LGBT/POC to vilify?"

In addition, he accused a Daily Mail staffer of operating a 'secret anti-Semitic and white nationalist Twitter account'.

The editorial team at Crikey, including Editor Gina Rushton and Editor-in-chief Sophie Black, did not respond to requests for comment from Sky News about Wilson's unhinged behaviour online.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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