LEGAL CHALLENGE: Metrolinx employees to be placed on 'leave without pay' for refusing COVID vaccine

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What happens when people who worked safely for 20 months of the pandemic — without a vaccine — are now suddenly labelled a danger on the job because of their medical status?

That's what is happening to those who work for Metrolinx, the Ontario commuter rail company. Employees of Metrolinx, like all rail workers, were all dubbed essential transport workers early in the pandemic, tasked with making sure Ontarians got to work safely and on time. They did as they were asked, even when society knew very little about the nature and spread of the coronavirus. Duty called and they answered, and without them commuter chaos would have ensued.

And as a reward for this dedication to the customers they serve? Potential firings — what Metrolinx calls "leave without pay" — if the Metrolinx staff do not get vaccinated or divulge their vaccination status.

The staff of Metrolinx are rarely represented by the Teamsters, but they haven't had much help from their union when their employer is changing the terms of employment and violating their medical privacy. The Metrolinx employees in today's interview are going to remain largely anonymous, since speaking to the media about how their boss is treating them may result in their terminations. And we want them to keep their jobs — because they did nothing wrong.

That's why they have connected with Leighton Grey, a lawyer with Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, who is taking on their legal fight for privacy, autonomy and workers' rights. Grey's fees are being funded through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, which works to advance civil liberties — like the right to resist medical coercion — for all Canadians.

Metrolinx employees are going to lose their jobs after 20 months of making sure Ontarians got to theirs' and they need some help now. To donate to offset their legal fees, please visit All donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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