EXCLUSIVE: Legal update from Pastor Artur's Lawyer

Sarah Miller has been fighting on behalf of Artur Pawlowski since his first arrest at no cost to him thanks to your donations to the Fight The Fines project.

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When Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested in dramatic fashion on New Year’s Day, it wasn’t entirely clear what he had been arrested for. Even the police couldn’t provide a reasonable answer when Nathaniel, the pastor's son, asked them to clarify what the arrest was for.

By Sunday afternoon, a series of charges including mischief, obstruction and trespassing had all been mentioned by various authorities, but not one of the charges had stuck by the time Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid were released.

So, what did they spent the night in jail for? Supposedly for not wearing a mask at a protest, which for anyone else on earth would garner a ticket and nothing more. But not for the Pawlowskis — they are marked men.

When you watch the initial footage of the arrest, and when you hear the details as they were presented and documented on video by Nathaniel, it really seems as though the police, or someone giving the police instructions, were just trying to get something to stick.

Fortunately, Artur has an exceptional lawyer to help him fight back against this ongoing harassment.

Despite media efforts to misconstrue the Pawlowskis' story, and efforts from Premier Jason Kenney and company to vilifying Pastor Artur Pawlowski, we are confident that the truth will come out in our reporting and in court.

That exceptional lawyer is Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who has been fighting alongside her colleagues on behalf of Artur since his first arrest at no cost to him thanks to your tax-receipt eligible donations at SaveArtur.com. She joined us for an update to breakdown the legal facts surrounding the latest Pawlowski arrest.

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