Legal update: Rebel News' lawyer on COVID jails Charter challenge and our plan to appeal

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The idea that healthy people should be forced to pay an inordinate fee to be effectively imprisoned in a hotel and served inadequate food in the name of health makes no sense. It is unscientific, and worse still, it is a massive violation of our fundamental rights.

Even if you were to believe that these measures might slow the spread of COVID, the fact that people exhibiting COVID symptoms are often sent home instead of being forced to stay at one of these COVID jails completely defeats the purposed function of this program.

It is troubling that no tourism agencies, human rights groups or other business groups have challenged this problematic program. Only Rebel News and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms have called out this madness.

Rebel News hired Sarah Miller and Robert Hawkes, two of the best litigators in the entire country, from JSS Barristers, to challenge COVID jails in courts. This fight for our freedoms was made possible thanks to your contributions at

Despite the clear lack of logic inherent to the COVID jails, Justice Paul Crampton of the federal court ruled against our appeal and in favour of these jails. This is not a fight we are giving up, we will appeal this ruling.

I was joined by Sarah Miller for an update on the ruling and the plan moving forward.

If you want to help put an end to this madness, go to and make a contribution today.

Our lawyers are already working on the appeal. We’ve spent about $100,000 on this so far, and I’m sure an appeal will probably come close to $50,000. This is a civil liberties case, so you’ll get a charitable tax credit for anything you can chip in at, so that’s a plus.

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  • By Keean Bexte


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