Lesbian grandma, single mother believe their vehicles were vandalized by trans activists "defending" drag camp for kids

Two protesters who attended a rally against a B.C. theatre hosting a drag camp for kids say their tires were punctured while the demonstration was ongoing.

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Many citizens were shocked to learn that a drag camp for kids as young as seven years old was held at the Carousel Theatre in Gravnille Island earlier this month. Some of you also reached out to me personally with concern after watching how trans activists, who were summoned by the theatre's union, IATSE 118, to defend the camp harassed me and called me a Nazi while Vancouver police officers treated me like I was disturbing the peace.

It turns out those were not the only shocking events that took place during the kick off of the cross-sex dressing camp for kids. After publishing our first report on this event, I learned that 2 of the small group of concerned citizens who arrived on site to peacefully protest against the camp returned to their vehicles to find the side walls of their tires had been intentionally punctured.

“I got back into my vehicle, I drove a few blocks, someone pointed out that I had a flat tire, I pulled over, got out and looked and I actually had two flat tires,” Tammy Mitchell tells Rebel News. Mitchell, who is a lesbian, is an activist concerned with protecting children and attended the small protest with her teenage son to hold signs opposing the camp.

“I had to get two new tires at a cost of over $1,000” she continued, detailing the damages done to her vehicle.

Despite not parking near Mitchell’s vehicle, Lisa Pagliardi, a single mother aligned with the activist group called Gay’s Against Groomers, tells Rebel News she too drove away from the theatre before quickly learning one of her tires had also been punctured.

“I made a wrong turn an I ended up going back in front of the protest, and by that time my tire was completely flat” Pagliardi says. “And they had all been laughing at me as I drove by and I found that that was very, very, hurtful and disrespectful.”

Both Pagilardi and Mitchell believe they were targeted by some members of the rainbow-clad mob which answered the union's calls to come out and counter-protest anyone in opposition to the drag kids camp.

The union claimed the theatre had received threats of physical harm and structural damage, with the legacy media parroting those claims.

The only “evidence” the union publicized to support such claims was reference to a petition led by Citizen Go and promoted by Action 4 Canada which garnered over 17,000 signatures in civil opposition to the event. The union also claimed it received many emails, which they deemed as hateful, but failed to provide any examples.

As reported by Rebel News, Vancouver police received zero reports of any threats made toward the theatre staff, property or potential attendees of the camp. But that didn’t stop a GoFundMe page from crowdfunding over $18,000 for security costs for the camp, with the claim that excess funds would be put towards covering costs for future drag camps. 

Mitchell and Pagilardi both filed reports with police, who were out in full force during the camp protests, but feel they were quickly dismissed. In a response to a media inquiry from Rebel News, the Vancouver Police Department confirmed both files were closed. The VPD failed to answer my inquiry into whether or not they obtained any footage from surrounding security cameras, considering the sites of the incidents are surrounded by many businesses.

Watch our video report to hear more from Mitchell and Pagilardi, including how their request to be reimbursed for the damage through the pro-drag kids drag camp crowdfunding site has panned out. 

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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