Let Kids Camp! Tim Hortons Foundation Camps requires full vaccination from all, including campers!

These underprivileged teens deserve their once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit camp without being coerced into a vaccine — SIGN THE PETITION!

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Tim Hortons Foundation Camps are requiring full vaccination of all attendees, including campers.

It means that underprivileged kids are being discriminated against because of their medical status and denied opportunities. In this report I feature the proof that we have writing. It's outrageous.

And we need your help to do something about it. 

Tims Camp was founded in 1974. They run camps for teens from low-income families. The Charity states many students have limited access to support systems and opportunities that help them succeed so the programs aim to help teens develop positive life skills and attitudes to prepare them for adulthood. They report that one in five children live in poverty in Canada.

Their website stipulates that they “work with adolescents age 12 to 16 who meet our economic qualifications… These are some of the most formative years of their lives and our programs are tailor made to guide their development and make a lasting impact.”

Further down, the camps are apparently backed by research. They aim to provide “protective mechanisms,” a sense of belonging to an inclusive community.” But only if your private medical information aligns with the current opinions of managers. If it doesn’t, then no camp for you.

An email from Julie Proulx proves it. She is the Registration Coordinator for Tims Camps and I guess is also tasked with injection enforcement. It reads:

Hello there,

Thank you for completing the Tims Camps session confirmation email for [name redacted for privacy]!

When you’ve confirmed their spot, you’ve mentioned that they were not vaccinated. Are they planning on getting vaccinated prior to camp or not? If not, I will have to decline their spot for summer 2022 since the vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory. 

Due to the challenges and risks that COVID-19 continues to pose we at Tims Camps have made the decision that all staff and campers must be fully vaccinated to attend camp this summer. It has always been our first priority to keep our youth and staff safe, and with public health guidance we believe this is the necessary route to take to keep the camp community as safe as possible. If your camper is not fully vaccinated, they will be unable to join us this summer.

First and foremost, we respect the decision you and your camper have made about vaccinations. We know that this is a complex issue, and many factors are at play. If you have any questions about our vaccination policy, or would like support getting vaccinated, please advise and we can direct you accordingly. Once fully vaccinated, please send us a copy of the official vaccination certificate from your province/state. All campers are required to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to their camp session date. 

If your camper is unable to attend this year due to vaccination, please let me know if you would like us to place your camper on a list for future opportunities.

Julie nor the general email address could answer my basic questions around a formal vaccine policy, how they define fully vaccinated, what alternatives are offered to those exempt from vaccination, etc.

So we launched a petition to push back on this heavy handed, unjustified policy.

Visit LetKidsCamp.ca, where you can sign my petition demanding Tims Camp end its vaccine requirement. These kids deserve their once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit camp without being coerced into a vaccine. Denying minors the ability to partake in fun activities is cruel and unwarranted. Kids have already missed out on so much – let kids camp!

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

PETITION: Let Kids Camp

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Goal: 45,000 Signatures

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