Liberal green hypocrisy: ‘Cruising Chrystia’ Freeland boasts about not owning car, gets handed speeding ticket

Ironically, about a month after 'Fast and Furious Freeland' bragged that she couldn't relate to struggling with gas prices because of her downtown Toronto location, she was caught speeding in a gas-powered car at 40km over the limit.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by  Edmonton Sun's Lorne Gunter to discuss Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s new speeding ticket for cruising down the highway in a fossil fuel-emitting vehicle at 142 kilometres per hour.

David asked Lorne if it's any surprise to him when Liberals say one thing and do another, especially considering how many party members preach about reducing carbon emissions with electric vehicles, but only drive gas-guzzling cars. 

Lorne replied:

I know that's, that's absolutely what's happening. And, you know, that was confirmed in another way on the EV side. About six months ago, Blacklocks Reporter had done a bunch of access to information, gone through all of the usage logs at the EV plugins at Environment Canada buildings across the country, and most places were going 3 to 6 months without a single electric vehicle plugged in to recharge at Environment Canada buildings. So it means it's all for show, that's the problem with this government.

It's woke, but it's all about virtue signalling. They don't care really about doing anything substantial. It's all about 'how do we look, how do we feel about ourselves, in these important issues, and how do our voters feel about us? We don't care whether we're crashing the economy, we don't care whether we're actually reducing emissions.'

 The two discussed how when Chrystia Freeland was asked about a significant increase in gas prices in PEI, she responded by boasting that she ‘understands’, but doesn’t own a car herself:

I really understand the challenges. A fact that still shocks my dad is, that I don't actually own a car because I live in downtown Toronto. I'm like, I don't know, 300 m from the nearest subway. I walk, I take the subway, I make my kids walk and ride their bikes and take the subway. It's actually healthier for our family. I can live that way. I can live that way.

Lorne said that Freeland should be given a new nickname that goes with her driving record, like some cabinet ministers in the past named Flying Phil and Speedy Read:

So I think we have to call her (Chrystia Freeland), Cruising Chrystia, or Fast and Furious Freeland, or something like that.

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