Liberal minister 'Triggered' by Trump Jr. appearance at Rumble-Rebel News event

'Hang on,' wrote Rebel News boss Ezra Levant in a response on X. 'You literally posed for a selfie with a terrorist. But you defame a Jewish-owned news outlet in your own district?'

Liberal minister 'Triggered' by Trump Jr. appearance at Rumble-Rebel News event
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Liberal Minister Ya’ara Saks accused Rebel News of bringing in “hateful and extremist views” to York Centre after hosting Donald Trump Jr. and other guest speakers at the Rumble Live event held on Friday in Saks’ Toronto riding.

Saks claimed that she is a “strong supporter of free speech,” but accused Rebel News, “its commentators, staff and associates” of espousing “everything from antisemitism to islamophobia.”

“It is unfortunate but not surprising that Donald Trump Jr. will attend this conference. Canada has beautiful attractions, shows, and events - Rebel News’ event is not one of them,” she wrote.

Trump Jr. hosts the Triggered” podcast on Rumble, where he provides political commentary. 

In response to Saks’ comments, Rebel News’ Ezra Levant pointed out that Saks posed for a selfie with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, a known Holocaust denier and antisemite.

“Hang on,” Levant responded in a post to X. “You literally posed for a selfie with a terrorist. But you defame a Jewish-owned news outlet in your own district? Your affection for Mahmoud Abbas is showing.”

Saks has previously defended the photo of her and Abbas holding her arm, saying that work must be done that allows “both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace.”

Abbas, whose history of anti-Jewish statements is well documented, previously claimed that the Holocaust was not caused by antisemitism but instead by Hitler’s fight against “usury, money, and so on.” Yet Saks chose to meet with him, anyway.

“I was asked to go on this trip with Minister [Melanie] Joly. We felt it was important that there was a Jewish and frankly Israeli Canadian perspective … when meeting with our counterparts in Israel and in the West Bank,” Saks said when justifying her visit.

“Having my voice and my work there was important. It was important to me, and I felt it was important to the community, especially right now,” said Saks.

Saks was among the handful of Liberal cabinet ministers who were ordered to unblock Rebel journalists on X.

Saks, along with Marci Ien and Karina Gould, were ordered to lift the blocks on their official government accounts and to partially reimburse Rebel News for legal costs related to the matter.

In a follow-up post, Levant said: “There’s more to this story than a scared Liberal MP about to lose an election because she’s too friendly with Hamas. The Liberal government interfered with our event today, and instructed the Canada Lands Company to cancel our event. They tried and failed.

“Details to come,” the post concluded.

Donald Trump Jr. would end up speaking at the Rumble Live, where he applauded the Freedom Convoy, truckers, and those fighting against government overreach.

Speaking of the truckers and freedom protesters, Trump Jr. said, “I know they were arrested, I know that they were debanked, I know that they were threatened with their livelihoods and jobs. And yet, if you’re protesting a peaceful event under the guise of Marxist, Leftism, Trudeauism which may be further left than all of that — they’re going to make other people pay for it.

“Thank you for doing that, by the way. It was such an awakening, even for us,” he said to applause.

“It feels like the truckers are actually leading the charge of patriotism and freedom in our countries. As of last week, it’s also frat boys in pastel shorts, which I did not have on my bingo card, to be clear. I’ll take it because they’re the ones saving the American flag from being taken down by radicals,” he said.

“Not people who support the peaceful existence of the Palestinian people, but people who encourage and are egging on Hamas, a terror organization,” he stated. “If I get thrown in jail for calling Hamas a terror organization in Canada, please make me a martyr,” Trump Jr quipped before making another comment about Canadian politeness.

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