Liberal MP and former defence minister refuses to condemn Hamas terror attack and protests in Canada

Rebel News videographer Lincoln Jay confronted Anita Anand, who refused to offer any condemnation of the brutal terror attack carried out by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Liberal MP and former defence minister refuses to condemn Hamas terror attack and protests in Canada
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Early afternoon, just outside of Parliament, Rebel News’ ace videographer Lincoln Jay confronted Liberal MP Anita Anand, current president of the treasury board and former minister of defence, on her personal comments on the barbaric terror attack Hamas committed against Israel on October 7 that has left over 1,300 dead and has sparked global turmoil.

In the video, Anand’s aide first attempts to block Jay’s camera and question when he introduces himself to the member of Parliament. “I’m sorry we’re late for a meeting,” is the response he's given.

Jay continues putting questions to the Liberal MP, pressing Anand for a condemnation of Hamas' horrific attack:

“Do you have any comment on the Hamas terror attacks?”

“Do you condemn the attacks, terrorist attacks?”

This comes days after Jay questioned former transport minister Omar Alghabra, who had been lenient on Hamas prior to becoming an elected official. Mission Specialist David Menzies attempted to get a response from Alghabra's office, only to have the police called on him as a result.

In this instance, Anand did not respond.

Jay continued to ask the former defence minister questions, like “Why do you think people are trying to justify these terror attacks,” referring to large gatherings taking place across Canada that chant in favour of Hamas and calls for violence against Israel.

On October 14 in Mississauga, Menzies interviewed a hijab-wearing woman with assault rifle earrings poking out who proudly promoted the terror group and agreed with their actions.

The questions to Anand from Jay went on:

“You have nothing to say?”

“What are your thoughts on the demonstration that we’re seeing after these terrorist attacks?”

After Hamas falsely claimed an IDF missile strike was to blame for the bombing of a Gaza hospital, massive protests took place across the world. The Toronto Israeli consulate was the location for an “emergency protest” late in the evening on October 17, where the crowd continued to call for an escalation of violence.

“No comment?”

“Do you condemn these terror attacks? Just a yes or a no.”

In the end, Anand remained silent, unable or unwilling to condemn the attack carried out by Hamas, an organization that has been on Canada's terror list since 2002.

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