Liberal MPs absent as community rallies for Jewish girls' school that was shot up

'Ya'ara Saks, who doesn't live that far from the scene of the school, didn't show up at all. I don't get this woman,' said Sue-Ann Levy.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Truth North's Sue-Ann Levy joined the show to discuss Monday's rally that was held in support of a Jewish girls' school after it was targeted by gunfire over the weekend.

Surveillance footage released Saturday showed two masked men opening fire at the Bais Chaya Mushka School for Girls in North York. While a police spokesperson said that authorities are not going to "ignore the obvious," no mention of antisemitism or Jews was made during the press conference Saturday.

Speaking about the lack of support for the Jewish community from politicians, Levy said, "Not one Liberal MP showed up to actually represent the federal government. No wonder antisemitism has just skyrocketed in Canada, in Toronto."

Ezra Levant spoke about authorities' lackadaisical approach to enforcing the law when dealing with anti-Israel protesters.

"Other than just mouthing those platitudes, they're not actually using the instruments of the state — and I'm not looking for censorship and I'm not looking for new laws — just can you do me a favour and arrest people who are trespassing, committing mischief, uttering death threats, supporting terrorist groups," he said.

"All of those things are already crimes and all of them are being winked at by the authorities," he added.

Speaking further about politicians' lack of support for the Jewish community, Levy said, "They don't give the police the tools to make arrests. And of course you've got the courts that turn around and let these people out on bail or no bail."

"But there are no consequences for this kind of hate. And I don't think the police really understand the idea of hate, what a hate crime is. But clearly they've been displayed many many times," she added.

"When you stalk a synagogue, when you stalk a Jewish place of business, when you harass Jews, when you tell Jews they can't come into a public space, an encampment at U of T, what do you call that?" she concluded.

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