Liberal’s Public Safety scrambled a comms strategy over gun registry column by Lorne Gunter

The Post Media columnist's piece on the Liberals' clandestine efforts to sneak in backdoor registration in Bill C-21 resulted in Public Safety bureaucrats going through the article line by line in flawed attempts to fact-check it.

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The dissection of Gunter's column by the Public Safety communications team was uncovered in a 300-plus page access filing by Rebel News.

Documents show Public Safety's concerted effort to combat what the department described as misinformation. However, the misinformation problem with C-21 was coming from in-house.

Gunter's column in the Toronto Sun, detailed the tangible reality of the information collection now required by both private and retail sellers of firearms and how the RCMP may access that information at a later date. Gunter's May 2022 article walks the reader through a hypothetical scenario of an uncle giving an old firearm to his fully licensed niece so that she may pursue hunting.

The Liberals' line-by-line fact check claimed that most guns used in crime were of domestic origin. However, three months before the publication of Gunter's article, the Liberals received contradictory data from the policing community.

Testifying before the Commons Public Safety Committee in February 2022, Toronto Police Deputy Chief Myron Demkiw said that of the crime guns investigators could trace last year, 86 percent were smuggled into Canada from the United States.

Demkiw noted that the numbers were ticking up since 2019.

An order paper response from the government reported by Rebel News indicates a one-way flow of guns at the border.

"In 2021, one year post-the Liberals' May 2020 order in council ban of 1500 popular Canadian firearms, only six domestic firearms were seized by the CBSA. However, 1107 foreign firearms were seized."

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