Liberals passed anti-pipeline Bill C-69 willfully ignorant of the economic impact of obstructing the energy sector


Did the Liberals do any research on the economic damage that will be caused by Bill C-69? After receiving a final round of exclusive Access to Information documents, I have an answer: The Liberals don't care.

This story finalizes what we previously learned over the summer.

In summary, the Liberals added nearly 400 pages of extra regulations to energy infrastructure companies through Bill C-69, which include a provision that the “intersection of sex and gender and other identity factors” must be considered when determining the viability of a new energy or mining project.

Then, we heard back from Catherine McKenna's Environment and Climate Change Ministry. McKenna has the final say on whether or not one of these industry projects would be given the go ahead, and we found out that her ministry had conducted no research on whether job losses would occur.

The Ministry did suggest that we contact Canadian Energy Regulator — and we did. And we found the same thing.

No research.

The Liberals passed a bill designed to deter investment in pipelines and energy projects without a single written thought on whether it might be bad for the economy in Alberta. 


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  • By Ezra Levant

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