Lisa Wilkinson goes on a blocking spree after Bruce Lehrmann tells his side of the story

Controversial TV host Lisa Wilkinson blocks critics after Spotlight interview exposes questionable interview tactics.

Lisa Wilkinson goes on a blocking spree after Bruce Lehrmann tells his side of the story
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Lisa Wilkinson, the former host of The Project, has been caught up in a flurry of online criticism, resorting to blocking numerous detractors on social media.

This follows public demands for Wilkinson to return the Logie she received in June 2022, in light of recent revelations about her Brittany Higgins interview that first publicised the alleged sexual assault.

Channel Seven, on Sunday, broadcasted an excerpt from a five-hour luncheon between Wilkinson and Ms Higgins, which transpired prior to their headline-grabbing TV interview in 2021. The channel's Spotlight program, which also aired Bruce Lehrmann's first interview denying the rape allegations, staged this meal.

The backlash ensued after allegations that Wilkinson had prepped Ms Higgins ahead of their 2021 interview regarding the rape allegations within Parliament House, after a night out in early 2019.

During the lunch, David Sharaz, Ms Higgins' boyfriend, asked Wilkinson about her expectations from the interview. She retorted, 'The inequality that exists out there... Whether it's white privilege, whether it's male domination, whether it's criminal activity that is suppressed...'

Viewers vented their anger online as these new details surfaced, igniting a spontaneous demand for Wilkinson to relinquish her Logie. Sky News Australia's said.

"If I was in her position, I would definitely have offered to hand the Logie back."

The veteran journalist also pointed out that 'Journalists are supposed to remain objective, not driven by their own agendas.' She added that Wilkinson's ethics were now in question given her engagement in the women’s protest outside Parliament House and her role in amplifying the #metoo narrative.

Wilkinson has since been accused of blocking her critics online, thereby suppressing their remarks on her profile. 

"She’s blocking EVERYONE who she even thinks might not stand with her!" exclaimed one silenced follower.

Prominent among the muted voices is former South Australia senator Cory Bernardi, who proudly confessed his inclusion in the 'blocked by Lisa Wilkinson' club. Many others joined him, proclaiming their exclusion as 'the real #MeToo Movement'.

This widespread muting by Wilkinson and her husband, columnist Peter FitzSimons, led one commentator to suggest that "poor leaders surround themselves with yes-people to silence debate."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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