Little Gaza continues to fester on the lawns of the University of Toronto

For two days, we’ve attempted to reach University of Toronto's media relations department. But they've chosen to be radio silent once again.

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The never-ending hate-fest that is Little Gaza continues to fester as convocation ceremonies are just around the corner. And the blame must go to the cowardly, woke administrators who run the University of Toronto.

To recap: last Friday, the U of T finally issued trespass notices to the Hobos for Hamas camped out here. They were given until 8 a.m. Monday to vamoose. Monday morning came and went, but the Hitler Youth are still there. So it was that the U of T went to court to seek an injunction to shutdown this tent city.

But the question arises: why is this kabuki theatre occurring in the first place? Why doesn’t the U of T follow the lead of the University of Calgary? Indeed, earlier this month, the very same day a pro-Hamas encampment popped up at that university it was taken down via the Calgary Police Service.

So, no notices of trespass, no court injunctions. Simply put, the administration merely dialed 9-1-1 and this mess was taken care of, easy-peasy.

So, what’s the difference? For two days now, we’ve been reaching out to the media relations department of U of T. But they are once again embracing radio silence. Here are our six questions:

1. After the trespass notices were ignored [on Monday] the university is seeking a court injunction. Is this indeed necessary?
2. Earlier this month, the University of Calgary was briefly occupied by pro-Hamas demonstrators. That encampment was shut down by Calgary Police the same day it went up. Why can’t the University of Toronto act in the same fashion?
3. Why is the fence still up? The ostensible policy reason was to prevent an occupation of the lawns. It failed, and now the squatters are using the fence to their advantage. Why does it remain standing?
4. What is the cost of the fence?
5. Assuming the university gets the injunction, at what point will law enforcement be called in (assuming the trespassers continue to occupy the premises)?
6. Will any students or faculty members who are part of this illegal gathering be punished (I.E., expulsion, termination, etc.)?

And so far, crickets…Now we would reach out to the negotiators  that would be Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students, and Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice President, People, Strategy, Equity and Culture. But Welsh and Little Miss Moffat are actually worse than useless: they actually run away from the media!

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