LIVE: Construction workers stage ‘freedom’ protest in Melbourne

Hundreds of police in full riot gear along with mounted units defend Parliament.

LIVE: Construction workers stage ‘freedom’ protest in Melbourne
LIVE: Construction workers stage ‘freedom’ protest in Melbourne
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Following from yesterday’s protest outside CFMEU headquarters, union members have gathered in an even larger protest.

Construction workers blocked traffic in Melbourne’s CBD. Many arrived wearing CFMEU branded shirts to dispel rumours that they are 'not really union members'.

The protest has moved slowly through the streets, growing in size. It is now outside Parliament which is heavily defended by two rows of police in riot gear, a mounted unit, and uniformed police standing behind them.

Police continue to monitor the protest, but are not actively engaging them as they did with Freedom Day protestors on the weekend.

The construction industry has been shut down for two weeks in what appears to be punishment for yesterday’s protest outside the CFMEU.

Today’s protest is more substantial, with construction workers out in force against mandatory vaccination.

This comes after CFMEU boss John Setka tweeted out that he blamed ‘drunken fascist un-Australian morons’ for protesting outside CFMEU headquarters. The large rally was there to protest against mandatory vaccination orders, demanding that Setka stand up for the rights and freedoms of workers.

Setka was booed back into the building.

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus also blamed ‘far-right growth’ for the protest. In doing so, she equated CFMEU union workers advocating for ‘freedom of medical choice’ with 1930s fascism.

The protest is calling itself a ‘Freedom Protest’ against state health orders.

Union members have been singing the Australian National Anthem in the streets and renewing 'f*** the jab' chants from yesterday.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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