Lockdown protest organizer walks back violent remarks: “Sometimes you say things when you're fed up”

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The Line is a group of diverse demonstrators that frequently appears at those Yahoo Nation protests in Toronto. 

The group is self-described as a collection of “nationwide civil liberties groups [that] have banded together to fight corruption, tyranny and ensure the peoples [sic] civil liberties and freedoms are maintained.” The rank and file are upset with the government-mandated Wuhan virus economic lockdowns and the various mandatory mask policies.

But who, exactly, is The Line’s Canadian leader, Lamont Daigle?

Many have been pondering this question after an article recently appeared in Diverge Media that attributed several eyebrow-raising statements to Mr. Daigle. 

Disturbingly, some of the quotes attributed to Daigle made it seem as though he was endorsing the use of violence. Such as allegedly threatening to drive a car through the CBC, or suggesting that some of the anti-lockdown protesters were “ready for violence.”

The Diverge Media story also reported that a source informed them that Daigle might have potential ties to Antifa, intimating that he might be a double agent in terms of discrediting The Line by uttering such violent statements.

Daigle  stated in the article that he has “no belief” in the judicial system even though The Line is supporting lawyer Rocco Galati in his bid to make a constitutional challenge regarding the virus lockdown measures.

All of these contradictions and questions got me thinking... 

So I caught up with Lamont Daigle after the most recent Yahoo Nation protest to get clarification regarding his supposed calls to violence, ties to Antifa, and his connections to a seemingly nefarious organization called the ManKind Project.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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