Pastor Henry Hildebrandt takes sermon outdoors as the “War on Worship” continues

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The ongoing war on the church continues unabated. The most recent casualty: the Church of God in Aylmer, Ont.

Last Friday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas ordered that new locks be placed on the exterior doors of the Church of God in order to punish this place of worship for allegedly ignoring Wuhan virus gathering rules. 

(Oh, please turn a blind eye to the No Frills supermarket just 400 metres away from the church where it’s business as usual. Funny that…)

And not only were the locks on the doors changed, but the church was fined a total of $117,000 — a six-figure sum that the church does not have in its coffers.

But if Justice Thomas thought he was going to intimidate Pastor Henry Hildebrandt into bending the knee, he was proven wrong last Sunday morning. Hundreds flocked to the church on what proved to be a gorgeous spring day. They sat outdoors and listened to Pastor Hildebrandt via loudspeaker; given the ambience, the sermon seemed all the more glorious.

And what a sermon it was. Pastor Hildebrandt alternated between condemnation and comedy when it came to calling out the enemies of the Church of God — all the while welcoming these haters to join the sermon and even have lunch afterwards.

And there are many haters indeed, although their motivation remains somewhat mysterious. Not only is the justice system against the Church of God, but so are the public health officials, police officers, and, of course, the mainstream media.

The mainstream media coverage of the Church of God could almost make one take the Lord’s name in vain. Indeed, check out this putrid prose regarding the church’s closure, courtesy of the London Free Press:

AYLMER – Residents in this quaint town of 7,000 are reacting with relief after authorities padlocked the doors of the Church of God over its ongoing defiance of COVID-19 restrictions.

It’s unclear whether a conflict looms Sunday morning – the time of its weekly church service – but many people in the Elgin County town on Saturday expressed relief, though frustrations remain over the church’s actions for the past year.

“It should’ve been done a long time ago,” Aylmer resident Renate Laidlaw said of the judge’s order. “It’s ridiculous. Our town is on the map because of these Church of God people.”


But if you want the straight goods regarding the ongoing and illogical persecution of the Church of God, ignore the government-funded propaganda from the Media Party and check out our exclusive post-sermon interview with Pastor Hildebrandt. And you be the judge: was there any valid reason for this place of worship to be closed in the first place?

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  • By David Menzies

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