Magna might have ozone device that fights coronavirus — so what's the hold up?

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Thanks to the debilitating #coronovirus, hospitals are running alarmingly low on personal protection equipment, especially masks, which have a limited lifespan before they must be chucked.

But there could be a made-in-Canada solution to the personal protection supply crisis.

Aurora, Ontario-based automotive supplier Magna International has a device called the Puro. It’s about the size of a picnic cooler and it uses ozone gas to deodorize and disinfect things that are not easy to launder. Indeed, pro hockey teams make use of the Puro to vaporize the bacteria that can accumulate on hockey equipment.

But the company says this ozone device can also be used to eradicate viruses, meaning masks could be reused several times over after being cleansed in a Puro. Magna claims that ozone gas technology was proven to be effective against the H1N1 Coronovirus (a.k.a., swine flu) back in 2009.

And a single Puro device can disinfect 50 masks every 30 minutes.

But there’s a hitch:

Magna needs a Level 3 lab to test the device to make certain it is 100% effective on COVID-19. But as I found out when I visited the University of Toronto — which has a Level 3 testing facility — all the labs are apparently too busy to test the Puro.

This must change. Not having enough medical protective gear — like the kind Justin Trudeau inexplicably gave away to China in February— is now a matter of life and death. Surely there is a way to give the Puro the seal of approval?

Or is this a matter of paralysis by analysis — as lives hang in the balance?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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