Mainstream media alleged that the trucker convoy cost downtown businesses millions of dollars per day. Then why didn’t businesses take any compensation?

On the heels of a mainstream media smear campaign, the trucker convoy was blamed for putting increased strain on businesses in downtown Ottawa. Yet when the Federal government developed a compensation program to counteract that, they basically had to beg small businesses to use it.

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On February 14, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ushered in martial law through the invocation of the Emergencies Act to squash a peaceful, three-week-long protest that saw him cower into hiding under the guise of a COVID-19 infection (despite being at least double, if not triple, vaccinated at the time).

It’s a decision that his government will face scrutiny over in the weeks to come.

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Back in March 2022, just a few days after the trampling of an Indigenous elder, the cannister shooting of Rebel journalist Alexa Lavoie and the general jack boots militant style shut down of freedom-loving Canadian truckers and their supporters, the federal government pledged $20 million in grant funding to Ottawa businesses allegedly shuttered by what they continually refer to as an illegal blockade.

It would see businesses eligible for up to $10,000 in compensation, a program that was being run by a WEF-partnered organization, Invest Ottawa.

A few weeks after the original announcement, on March 4th, the Ontario government sent an additional 11.5 million dollars to Ottawa for post-convoy business and tourism.

To further reinforce the narrative that the convoy devastated the downtown core instead of feeding the homeless, reducing crimeand keeping the streets tidier than they had been in years, the CBC ran yet another article on March 11 alleging that the Freedom Convoy cost downtown Ottawa millions per day.

Yet the substantial $21.5 million remains underutilized, according to an Access to Information document.

The Federal Economic Development Agency first opened the subsidy program up for submissions on March 15.

Someone from Invest Ottawa emailed government officials on April 25 noting that the deadline was extended by two weeks, from April 30 to May 15.

They had the program translated into “Arabic, Vietnamese, and simple Chinese” to “bolster on-the-ground promotion and business engagement as agents go door to door to boost awareness.”

They also “secured two spots on CTV News” the following day. Michael Trembly and Michelle Groulx were the receivers of such honourable coverage where they “encouraged” businesses to apply for the program on live air. They also vowed to share it all on social media and tag FedDev Ontario and the Government of Ontario in a coordinated and orchestrated marketing campaign.

This slightly bolstered the program.

Yet on May 16, Invest Ottawa appears to be scrambling to meet targets after an e-mail inquired about a program update.

That update finally came on June 1st. It looks like they utilized that time to corral a few more businesses into the program.

The final snapshot on June 8 shows that there were 1,561 applications received (4 more than what had applied before the May 15 cut-off), which meant that the total amount received per business was increased to an average of $11,121 per applicant.

1,127 applications had been reimbursed for a grand total of $12,953,790 funds allocated.

After extending deadlines, intense marketing, and hounding “eligible businesses by phone to complete their applications,” the genius government program was able to give away only 60% of its original allocated amount.

The inquiry into the use and justification of the EMA will begin on October 13.

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