Media falsely reports coffee shop is closed? (HINT: Owner doesn't like Trudeau)

An outspoken Calgary café owner has been targeted by government health officials, leading many to think his business has been fully closed.

Alberta Health Services attended the scene at Purple Perk after customers were allegedly gathering illegally on an open patio outside the popular café.

AHS posted a public health notice on the door of the café saying, “This food establishment is CLOSED,” with small handwriting below the bold typeface that read, “...for dine inside and outside seating.”

The misleading document lead CTV News to publish a false article indicating that the business was fully closed, when in fact they remain wide open for take-out business

Owner Paul Overholt has been an outspoken business owner, condemning statist control of businesses and even mocking Justin Trudeau as the “April Fool,” which was celebrated by Jason Kenney on twitter.

Overholt says he wants to create an “oasis of normality” for Calgarians during the trying times.