Mainstream media trickles out vaccine injury stories after generating stigma toward those questioning the safe and effective narrative

The elephant in the room has become too big to ignore, but will the mainstream media ever acknowledge the role they played in gaslighting and stigmatizing those who questioned the pharma-funded ploy?

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Countless stories of vaccine reactions poured in after the mainstream media featured the story of a Quebec man who suffers from a vaccine-induced skin reaction that has turned his life upside down.

This acknowledgment hints that the otherwise complicit media is aware of the breadth of vaccine injury plaguing Canadians, and it isn’t as rare as they would have had you previously believe.

In a story from the spring of 2021, emergency room physician Dr. Patrick Phillips details having all of his post-COVID-19 injection injury reports rejected by his medical officer of health. Shortly thereafter, he was investigated for his skepticism of this and had his licence suspended for following the science around documenting safety signals.

Due to the various arbitrary stipulations required to meet the rigorous vaccine reaction criteria – such as time cut-offs as short as 30 minutes post-injection – there is a concern that valid reactions are being filtered from the system by bureaucratic gatekeepers.

Two now ousted nurses from the same hospital further alleged that stacks of COVID-19 injection adverse events mysteriously went missing during their shifts, and that patients suffering debilitating effects were being gaslit into psychological evaluations instead of being treated for their physical ailments.

It’s well documented that drug adverse events are severely underreported at an alarming average of 95 percent of the time.

All of the systems facing underreporting rates are passive systems, including the one in Canada called Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS).

This is why a satellite system, called the Canadian Adverse Events Reporting System (CAERS) was developed early on in the injection rollout by concerned Canadian Max Daigle.

He developed this active surveillance system to engage directly with the person being affected by the reaction to directly document the afflictions reported.

Through independent analysis and review, he found that certain patterns were emerging with the adverse events reports submitted to his initiative.

It was discovered that the majority of injection receivers took the injection because of employment requirements and that 97% of recipients needed medical attention post-injection. 33% required urgent care, 23.7% sought the assistance of a healthcare practitioner, 23% sought a specialist, while 17% needed emergency medical services (EMS).

More than 12% of adverse events were life-threatening or fatal. Nearly 73% of reactions became chronic.

Shockingly, of the data that he has independently reviewed, verified and collected, less than 4% were reported to Health Canada which means that 96% never made it into the CAEFISS system.

Most commonly, the system involved in the reaction was neurological, followed closely by cardiovascular and musculoskeletal ailments. Many respondents reported that more than one system was affected – most often, at least two or three systems were affected by post-injection reactions.

When this system was first rolled out and soliciting reports, low and behold in swooped the mainstream media. Instead of highlighting the shortfalls of the government or pharma-run passive system(s) that were literally filibustering documentation and gatekeeping reports, they smeared the initiative.

These are the same media outlets that unwaveringly and unquestionably towed the “safe and effective” line, even while novel pharma brands were pulled from the markets due to safety concerns.

Yet it appears to be becoming increasingly difficult, even for them, to ignore the elephant in the room.

The same media that repeatedly acted as the social enforcement arm of the COVID regime – from defining any skepticism or criticism of the Government sanctioned COVID response as misinformation, to promoting state-imposed punishment of COVID dissidents through snitch lines, the normalization of shuttering of small businesses and life’s work in the name of public health, condoning and even promoting the isolation of developing children and adolescents, and the squashing of dissident doctors or those who provided exemptions, be it to indiscriminate masking or vaccinate-or-else mandates.

Is the mounting anecdotal evidence of suffering and vaccine reaction stories becoming too difficult to ignore? Will the mainstream media start to finally ask accountability questions to government officials who regurgitated the safe and effective narrative from Big Pharma marketers?

These are the same government officials who have capped the Canadian vaccine injury compensation program halfway through its first year. This is a program that only planned to have a maximum of 400 claims processed each year. The program, as of December 1, 2022, had already received 1,299 claims but only a mediocre 50 claims made it through the criteria and were approved for compensation.

This is all while people who took the injections to remain gainfully employed are now disabled and unable to work – leaving them without income as they face spiraling inflation and unfettered increases in interest rates.

How’s that for a government that repeatedly stated throughout the COVID narrative that they would have your back, a sentiment that was regurgitated by an unquestioning media?

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