Mainstream Media using pandemic to tarnish Conservative premiers for sending kids back to school

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Children across Canada have been out of school for months. Bringing them all back to school safely was a logistical challenge, one that the Government of Alberta seems to have handled with relative ease, despite the naysayers in the mainstream media.

Although the mainstream media (and especially the state broadcaster) are publishing every single new COVID-19 case like it is breaking news, the numbers actually tell a different story.

In a government briefing for journalists, officials noted that 98 per cent of schools are completely COVID-19 free, regardless of how many breathless articles are published about each marginal case.

Those stories are designed to scare parents and paint a picture that Jason Kenney has recklessly sent kids into danger. That is simply not true.

In an attempt to guilt the government into spending more money on union salaries, the NDP opposition said, “Jason Kenney and Adriana LaGrange’s decision to reopen schools this fall with no additional support is dangerous.”

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) doubled down on this rhetoric in concert with Jason Schilling, president of the Teachers Association, saying, “the current plans are insufficient. When Premier Kenney, speaking in the Legislature last month, told teachers to ‘tidy up,’ he undermined and effectively ridiculed the very serious concerns teachers had in the government’s deficient return-to-school plan.”

It turns out that plan was entirely sufficient, and the NDP and the union radicals have been exposed as co-opting a crisis to boost their own membership and coffers.

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