Most federal departments no longer taking Access to Information requests, blaming COVID-19

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The Liberals are using the coronavirus pandemic and to block accountability in every way they possibly can from the few people who are truly trying to hold them to account.

We know that Justin Trudeau suspended regular sittings of Parliament, relegating the House of Commons to weird zoom committee meetings. Trudeau also doesn't like leaving his hermit mansion at Rideau Cottage, where he has been self isolating for almost 90 days where the journalists are friendly and pre-approved, unlike Keean Bexte.

You can see how Trudeau’s goons strong armed Keean and turfed him from a press conference and support our fight to get into those press conferences at

But those coward tactics are not the only way the Liberals are skirting accountability. They are using the pandemic to create a massive backlog in access to information requests.

Today I am going to show you a COVID-19 committee hearing question by Conservative MP Damien Kurek from Battle River—Crowfoot, He’s grilling the Liberal President of the Treasury board, Jean-Yves Duclos. The non answers are going to infuriate you.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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