Makeshift migrant tent city is erected outside an already packed Toronto homeless shelter as the Trudeau Liberals turn a blind eye to border security

Migrants are literally sleeping on Toronto sidewalks as the federal government preposterously claims these newcomers are not their responsibility, while simultaneously inviting them in.

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The corner of Peter and Richmond Streets in downtown Toronto makes for quite a surreal sight. In this area, within walking distance to SkyDome, you will find trendy shops and cafes. But you will also happen across an impromptu tent city erected outside the city-run homeless shelter at 129 Peter St.

The occupants of this encampment are predominately African migrants. While the federal Liberals have turned a blind eye to border security for years now, the problem with welcoming refugee claimants into the country is providing shelter for them, not to mention food and clothing.

And in Toronto, this is a growing problem given that there is literally no room at the inn. The city’s shelter system of 9,000 beds is at the limit. And it should be noted that one-third of those beds already accommodate refugee claimants. The end result: migrants are literally sleeping on Toronto sidewalks as the federal government preposterously claims these newcomers are not their responsibility.

It's outrageous. Indeed, what kind of a host is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? You may recall his infamous tweet a few years back when the PM stated, “Welcome to Canada.” It was yet more virtue signalling from our uber-woke PM. But now that migrants continue to come to Canada, Blackface is not interested in accommodating them. The fact remains that immigration is a federal responsibility, but the Trudeau Liberals seemingly feel this is a problem for municipalities and the provinces to handle. Shameful.

We paid a visit to the Toronto encampment. While the migrants were camera shy, we did bump into Kevin Vuong, the independent MP for Spadina-Fort York (the riding where the homeless shelter is located.)

Vuong was highly critical of his former party’s handling of the situation. And he offered a solution: federal properties in Hogtown, such as the Toronto Armouries, can readily accommodate the migrants. Thus, one must ponder: why isn’t the federal government stepping up to the plate to fix a problem of it’s own making?

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