Man has assault charge dropped. His crime? Protecting himself and his property from pro-Hamas thugs…

The truth is, he should never have been charged in the first place.

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A low point in the protests being carried out by the pro-Hamas thugs surely occurred in March when demonstrators chanting genocide brought their hate-fest to a Thornhill, Ont., synagogue in hopes of shutting down an event that the synagogue was hosting. (Pop quiz: if a mob went to a mosque in the Toronto area and pulled such a stunt, how many nanoseconds would tick by before police would shut it down?)

In any event, tempers flared as the pro-Hamas hooligans and the pro-Israel counter-protesters yelled back and forth at each other on Clark Avenue. Naturally, the pro-Hamas folk upped the ante when they vandalized, several times, the sound equipment that the pro-Israel side was employing.

And despite a considerable police presence, the Hamas thugs tried, whenever possible, to carry out acts of violence against members of the pro-Israel crowd. This included an attack on Meir Gerichter. His crime? He was waving the flag of Israel, which apparently triggers the rank and file members of the new age Hitler Youth Movement.

In any event, during the attack, Meir had the temerity to – shockers! – defend himself and prevent the theft of his property. York Regional Police would soon lay charges. Not against the thugs, mind you, but rather, against Meir Gerichter!

Incredibly, Meir was charged with assault. Yet again, another heinous example of two-tier policing when it comes to the pro-Hamas demonstrations that have been ongoing for the past seven months. On the flipside, peaceful counter-protesters and members of the independent media get arrested by the various “pre-crimes units” whereas the thugs chanting genocide receive deliveries of coffee and Timbits thanks to cops reimagining themselves as Uber Eats drivers.

But we are pleased to report that Meir’s assault charge was dropped last week. The truth is, he should never have been charged in the first place.

Disturbingly, in the aftermath, the attacks against Meir and his family continue. Case in point: Meir’s wife drives a school bus, and the mob was able to identify the vehicle. It was vandalized and covered with graffiti, including racial slurs (Meir’s wife is black.) Nice.

Bottom line: does anyone really think these hate-fests are “mostly peaceful protests”? And we hate to be nitpickers, but it would be kind of jolly if law enforcement were to enforce the law against the real criminals, wouldn’t you say?

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