Man misses cancer treatment after being forced to quarantine

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Meet Mike Bedard of Sudbury, Ont. Mike is currently on contract working as a lineman in Southern California. But he recently had to return to Canada for an important doctor’s appointment given that Mike, unfortunately, has cancer.

Alas, when he landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in mid-February, the authorities did not accept the negative COVID-19 test that he had taken prior to departure in California. So, they put him in a shuttle and sent him to that notorious Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport, which is currently being run as an internment camp/quarantine facility, even though, curiously, it is not listed as such on the official list of quarantine facilities that was recently released by the federal government.

In any event, Mike, like so many others at the Radisson, was miserable inside this facility. He says the hygiene was substandard, noting the presence of black mold in the shower. Worse, the food was practically inedible and served in portions that would make a budgie starve (“inmates” at the Radisson are forbidden for some reason to have food delivered to them).

Because Mike was confined to this Radisson, he was actually prevented from seeing his doctor for that cancer treatment appointment — which was the very reason he flew back to Ontario in the first place. Just let that sink in: a man is confined to quarters for “safety” reasons, but is denied seeing his doctor for a very important appointment. Incredible, and egregious.

As we’ve reported recently, every Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m., protesters show up at this Radisson and stage a demonstration, also offering guests rides home if they choose to leave. And after spending two miserable days at this Roach Motel, Mike decided to simply pack his bags and leave. A demonstrator gave Mike a ride two hours north to Parry Sound, whereupon he met his wife, Terri, who took him back to Sudbury.

Ah, but the feds weren’t quite done making Mike’s life miserable. The Sudbury police paid a visit to Mike’s residence and gave him a ticket for an astonishing $3,775 for violating the Quarantine Act! Talk about adding insult to injury.

Perhaps Mike’s problem is that he is a law-abiding, taxpaying Canadian citizen. What he should’ve done is illegally cross the border from New York state into the province of Quebec at the notorious Roxham Road. In that case, law enforcement wouldn’t have given Mike a ticket for almost $4,000; rather, they would’ve provided bellhop services for him, as they do for the illegal aliens who waltz into Canada.

But we are not going to allow Mike to weather this storm alone. Mike is now our latest Fight the Fines case. We are putting him in touch with a top-notch criminal lawyer and we will crowdfund his legal fees. If you would like to make a donation in order to help Mike, please visit

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