Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”

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Manitoba’s Premier Brian Pallister has decided Christmas is “non-essential.”

I couldn’t believe it, until I went to a local Walmart to check it out for myself and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. 

Caution tape covered the Christmas cards, and tarps covered the toys. Signs on statues of Santa Claus labelled him and Christmas trees “non-essential.”

It was horrifying.

That didn’t stop me though, I loaded my shopping cart with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas memorabilia to send directly to Brian Pallister.

Unfortunately, a Walmart employee raided my cart while apologizing and telling me it was on Pallister’s orders!

I ended up going to a second Walmart, and I am proud to report that I successfully bought a now-illegal Christmas card. After writing a kind message on it for the premier, I will be putting it in the mail — addressed to the Premier Who Stole Christmas.

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