Marco Mendicino BLASTED by Conservative MPs in the House of Commons - still continues to lie

‘He said it was the advice of law enforcement to follow the Emergencies Act, we know that’s not true, we’ve heard it from the police, so will [Minister Mendicino] resign today?’ asked MP Michael Barrett.

Marco Mendicino BLASTED by Conservative MPs in the House of Commons - still continues to lie
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On June 14, 2022, during question period in the House of Commons, Conservative members of Parliament took the opportunity to challenge Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on his lies regarding the invocation of the Emergencies Act during the Freedom Convoy. 

Conservative MP John Brassard asked the minister if “he [will] do the right thing, the honourable thing, and announce his resignation today?”

“The truth is on this side of the House,” answered Marco Mendicino. “They refuse to accept the truth [and] they should apologize.” 

Throughout the duration of question period, multiple Conversative MPs openly questioned Mendicino’s integrity, and strongly advised him to resign. The response from Mendicino was mainly to deny his lies and attack Conservatives for encouraging a protest that was harmful to citizens of downtown Ottawa. 

John Barlow, the member of Parliament for Foothills, Alberta, pointed out that the Liberals “froze bank accounts, distorted our democracy, ignored our Charter of Rights,” and that it was “all predicated on a fabrication” he alleges was based on misinformation from Mendicino.

Mendicino wrongfully replied that if anyone read what the Emergencies Act said, they would notice that everything was Charter compliant. However, freedom of peaceful assembly is in the Charter of Rights, and this right was infringed upon by Mendicino’s and the Liberals’ use of the Emergencies Act

Mendicino was also challenged by Blaine Calkins, the MP for Red Deer-Lacombe, Alberta, who stated:

“The Minister of public safety continues to spread misinformation and can’t be trusted. [...] The minister can't find anyone to corroborate his story. [...] The only matter left unresolved is: when will he resign?”

Conservatives will certainly continue to push for Mendicino’s resignation, so there will likely be more to follow in the coming days and weeks. 

Do you want to see Marco Mendicino removed as public safety minister? If you think he deserves to lose his cabinet position for using lies as a basis to invoke the Emergencies Act, sign our petition at

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