Mask or no mask, “wake up and stand together” | J&W Foods owner speaks out

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You never know who you’ll bump into at an anti-lockdown protest. And such was the case last Saturday at Toronto’s Queen’s Park when we encountered freedom-fighter Bill Fehr, the owner of J&W Foods in Toronto’s east end.

You may recall Bill from previous Rebel News videos. Inexplicably, Bill has run into harassment by Toronto bylaw enforcement officers. His sin? Complying with the Toronto bylaws! Which is to say, he allows patrons to shop in his sensational store without donning a mask if they claim a medical exemption.

(Note to Toronto Bylaw Enforcement: these are actually the rules!)

In any event, during our impromptu interview, Bill touched upon many topics. Such as:

  • Against his advice, Bill's 65-year-old aunt recently took the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. What happened next was horrific — Bill’s aunt had a severe adverse reaction that resulted in her going into a coma. Bill says doctors actually saved her life, and we hope to interview her in the days ahead about this traumatic event;
  • Bill says thanks to his mask-free tolerance policy, business has never been better at J&W Foods. “I’m making 140% profit margins right now,” says Bill. “J&W respects everybody.”
  • As previously reported, Bill is going ahead with a gym that will be situated in the unit next door to his food store. And even though gyms are still verboten in John Tory’s Hogtown, Bill plans to take a rebel stance and cater to those who want to get fit as opposed to chomping down copious quantities of cherry cheesecake;
  • Bill also plans to open a foodservice outlet. We have no idea what it will be like, but we love the proposed name: The Bylaw Cafe;
  • Bill noticed that once again, the mainstream media refuses to even report on the anti-lockdown protests, despite Saturday’s event drawing thousands of people into the downtown Toronto core. That’s okay, he says, because “Rebel News is the only thing I watch now.”

Finally, Bill says he is seriously contemplating running for political office. Let’s hope he does. We’d vote for this straight shooting dynamo any day — as would thousands of others, no doubt.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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