Massive legal win sees nearly 300 B.C. Quarantine Act fines dropped after challenges by The Democracy Fund

Robert and Jamie Leib, a retired couple who received close to $25,000k in fines after a single US-to-Canada border crossing, were ecstatic to learn of the win.

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Hundreds of freedom fighters in British Columbia celebrated a huge legal win after standing up for their mobility rights despite COVID-19 restrictions. The 212 citizens who were collectively slapped with close to 300 hefty Quarantine Act-related fines after being accused of violating the federal legislation were represented by The Democracy Fund charity at no cost to them, thanks to many of you who donated to

Retired couple Robert and Jamie Leib, who received close to $25,000 in fines after a single U.S.-Canada border crossing to return to their summer home in Penticton, were ecstatic to learn of the win. “I’ve just always been that type of person to stand up for my rights,” says Robert, who is thankful that the Democracy Fund and those who donated were there to help him do so.

“It’s a serious problem, not just for the Leibs. This is a serious problem generally for everybody,” in-house Democracy Fund lawyer Adam Blake-Gallipeau, who championed the cases, told Rebel News.

“The fine amounts start at a mandatory $5,750 — that’s a mandatory minimum,” Blake-Gallipeau said, adding that the fine is nearly six times as much of that of someone who receives a fine for drinking and driving in the province of B.C.

Watch the full report to hear more from Adam Blake-Gallipeau and the Leibs about this exciting win, and to find out why the Leibs believe it could not have happened without the support of many who came together to fight for freedom.

The Democracy Fund continues to represent many citizens across Canada who took similar stands during COVID-19 tyranny. You can help them continue to fight by donating what you can at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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