Maxime Bernier: Hate speech, immigration, and how many seats he'd consider a “win” in the election

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I sat down with Maxime Bernier before his event in Hamilton yesterday.

The event was about censorship discrimination and free-speech which ironically was almost shut down by Antifa because they claimed that Dave Rubin is a neo-Nazi.

If you’re even slightly familiar with Dave Rubin you’ll know that he’s an openly gay Jew.

Antifa tried to pressure Mohawk college— the venue for the event— to cancel. Instead the college demanded 10x the original cost for addition security.

Hear what PPC leader Maxime Bernier has to say about the state of free speech in Canada, Liberal scandals, Trudeau's blackface, and how he think Andrew Scheer would handle being in power and dealing with President Donald Trump in this exclusive interview.

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