McKenna denies her own tweet, gets triggered again outside of Parliament ahead of throne speech

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It's currently unprecedented times in Ottawa. In a move that has never been made by the sitting Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will upstage the Crown on the day of the speech from the throne to deliver a political address to Canadians, broadcasted uncritically this evening by Canada’s obedient mainstream media.

My on-the-scene report (which was recorded before, but published after, the throne speech) includes interviews with the newly minted deputy leader of the Conservative Party, Candice Bergen, along with the triggered ramblings of the current Minister of Infrastructure, Catherine McKenna.

In case you didn't hear, McKenna tweeted that the government may have to regulate everything” if social media companies don't police free speech on their sites.

Upon hearing the speech from the throne, I can say that Canadians' worst fears on this front were confirmed: the Liberal government plans to regulate speech on the internet, broadly re-defining “hate” (something that is already illegal in Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code).

It is not clear how far Trudeau plans to take this agenda as an election looms.

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