Media gets it all wrong as Liberals lose longtime Toronto riding in byelection

Those in the Media Party know what this loss represents; that's why, to them, it just couldn't be true, says Sheila Gunn Reid.

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The media and the Liberals were defeated Monday night in the Liberal stronghold of Toronto-St. Paul's. 

Don Stewart, the Conservative challenger to Liberal wannabe-MP Leslie Church, took the riding with a margin of fewer than 600 votes. The Liberals have held the seat since 1993, with the former mental health minister Carolyn Bennet as the previous occupant. Church was a Liberal superstar candidate and a former chief of staff to Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland.

And the media, and what was left of their credibility, may be the hardest hit by the loss. 

As reported by Blacklock's Reporter, Paul Wells, the Trudeau biographer and approved CBC Liberal apologist, got it all wrong when he made a Substack post claiming a Liberal victory in St. Paul's and then shutting it down for the night — only to wake up to the horrors of being corrected by St. Paul's voters who have had enough of Trudeau's corruption, terror enabling and inflation.

"The Trudeau team will show new spring in its step as it prepares to get, once more, off the ropes and back in the fray,” Wells wrote to his Substack subscribers.

He then dubbed Church “the new Liberal MP for Toronto-St. Paul’s,” noting “Church’s margin of victory over a Conservative candidate bounced around 10 points all Monday night.” 

And then:

I have no way of knowing whether it will shrink or expand as more results come in, but if it were 10 points, that would be 9.9-ish points more than you need for a victory.

I’m especially pleased to report that the result constitutes yet another glorious victory for Wells’ First Rule, which holds that for any given situation, Canadian politics will bend toward the least exciting possible outcome.

Before adding the one thing he was correct about, “Trudeau is staying.” Because Justin Trudeau's ego might be too big to take the hint and leave. But what sort of predictions can we expect from Wells, who on national TV called Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre a "Marxist?"

But Paul Wells wasn't the only one who got the results wrong in St. Paul's. 

The Liberals also introduced Leslie Church as the next MP of the riding before she was defeated by Don Stewart.  

And iPoltics had their own "Gore Beats Bush" moment, running a headline and story about the Conservative defeat that wasn't in St. Paul's. 

The media knows what this loss represents; that's why it just couldn't be true. 

It means the tides are turning in even the most reliable of Liberal places: Toronto. That's bad news for Trudeau. But it's also bad news for the Trudeau-funded media — their subsidized paydays have an expiry date of the next federal election. And they know it. 

By October 2025, the last place still supporting the Trudeau Liberals in this country might be the newsrooms of the mainstream media.

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