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Medicine and politics: Aaron Rosenberg on Canada's patchwork mask laws

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IMPORTANT: The COVID-19 rules change weekly, so please consult this chart for updates from your jurisdiction instead of relying solely on this video:

On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant ShowCivil liberties lawyer Aaron Rosenberg joins me to talk about our latest updates to our site.

The COVID-19 pandemic is over in Canada.

According to the daily statistics published by Health Canada, infections peaked in mid-April and have been declining ever since. Many Canadian cities and even entire provinces go days without reporting a single death from the virus. Although every death is a tragedy, the total toll of the virus is less than 9,000 souls — the same as an average flu season in Canada.

Yet for whatever reason, governments across Canada have decided that now — not back in March or April — is the time to make masks mandatory for the general public. It’s a decision that has a questionable basis in medical science and seems to have more to do with politics.

In this video, we'll discuss the various exemptions and bylaws impacting Canadians in different provinces and municipalities.

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