Members of the York Regional Police recently participated in a 'drag queen breakfast'. Why?

Earlier this month, York Regional Police headquarters in Aurora, Ont., was the venue for a… drag queen breakfast?! (Um, hold the sausage please…)

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It’s pride week. Correction: pride month. Correction: pride season. (Just wait: pride year surely beckons…)

When it comes to the spirit unicorn set, it is no longer a matter of showing tolerance and acceptance for members of the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP community.

Yes, the alternative people now go by this 15-letter initialism. Well, at least this is the language the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario wants you to embrace. For those keeping score at home, this lovin’ spoonful of Alphagetti stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Gender-queer, Bisexual, Demi-sexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-spirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous. (As an aside, did you notice that one letter is conspicuously absent, namely “H” for “heterosexual”? You know, that silly sexual orientation that comprises about 98% of the people on this planet? But we digress...)

No, these days it’s all about AFFIRMATION for this group. It’s all about APPLAUDING these people. And if you fail to do so, then you are a homophobe or a transphobe or a hater of all things LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP and sometimes Y.

Even our institutions are being forced into compelled speech. Case in point: the York Regional Police.

Earlier this month, York Regional Police headquarters in Aurora, Ont., was the venue for a… drag queen breakfast?! (Um, hold the sausage please…)

So it was that a dude passing himself off as a grotesque caricature of a woman shook his booty (and presumably other parts) as York’s Finest dined out on bacon and eggs and pancakes.

But the question arises: why?

We reached out to the media relations department with seven specific questions. Namely:

  1. What was the ostensible policy reason for this event?
  2. Why was a drag queen hired to perform?
  3. What was the cost of the event and what was the fee for the drag queen?
  4. Last year, Canada Border Services Agency staged a drag queen performance at Pearson International Airport in which the drag queen performed lap dances for agents. Did this occur at the YRP event?
  5. A drag queen is a man passing himself off as a caricature of a woman. Would a biological female stripper ever be hired for a YRP event? If not, why not?
  6. We see that later this month YRP will be hosting an event called Muslim Faith Family Day. Will drag queen performances be staged at this event? If not, why not?
  7. Many observers feel that a law enforcement agency should be dedicated to law enforcement. Why is YRP involved with a plethora of events that appear to have nothing to do with policing?

And here is the non-answer we received: “York Regional Police supports all members from the communities we serve and will continue to ensure that everyone feels supported and welcome. The annual Pride Breakfast celebrates Pride Month and it is held in collaboration with several community partners, including York Pride. It was organized by the York Regional Police Pride Internal Support Network (ISN). We have attached the newly released 2023-2025 Inclusive Policing Action Plan, which serves as our roadmap as we continue to build an inclusive and diverse workplace and region.”

By the way, that YRP Inclusive Policing Action Plan? The very first photo is an image of a Muslim female police officer clad in a hijab. You know, we wonder what she thinks about pride season and drag queens?

In the meantime, how about this for a policing concept: go out and enforce the law in York Region. There would seem to be a never-ending supply of crime these days, after all.

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  • By David Menzies


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