This bushfire season PROVES last year's 'global warming' narrative was fake news

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Australia's bushfire season has well and truly passed this year, but suddenly no one is talking about it.

If you recall, last year around this time, the lead story was "global warming set Australia on fire"

Last year we experienced one of the worst bushfire seasons in recorded history; the devastation was genuinely shocking. But like any natural disaster, climate change activists refused to let this grand opportunity pass without capitalising on it.

Don't get me wrong; I don't deny climate change exists. 

Of course, the climate changes; it's been doing that forever. Take the old testament, for example; there's evidence of the "climate-changing" throughout it, from the extreme floods in Genisis to the severe droughts in the book of the Prophets. 

My issue is the narrative that man-induced global warming caused last years bushfires without any actual scientific evidence, just a lot of theory. 

But even more dishonest than that, neglecting the critical facts, namely: 

  1. The fact that we were experiencing a natural phenomenon known as the Indian Ocean Dipole, which, if you remember, none of the climate change protesters I spoke to at the time even knew what it was. 
  2. In addition to the natural phenomenon, we also had extreme fuel loads on the ground, which resulted from Green policies restricting the amount of prescribed burning and fire breaks allowed. 

The truth is, in Australia, we have always experienced intense bushfires, drought and flooding. We always will. Reducing carbon emissions may help; it definitely won't stop the fires, droughts or floods. 

The only thing scientifically proven is that managing the fuel load will stop bushfires from spreading so far and wide. 

For example, take this year, no natural phenomenon plus all the fuel on the ground burnt away last year, and what do you know, a bushfire season that the media doesn't want to discuss. 

If global warming was responsible for Australia burning last year, then by definition, we should be burning hotter this year.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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